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Amanda’s Birthday!

Here’s a special excerpt from the next book in the Amanda series!

Amanda carefully unwrapped the next birthday gift. Inside was a box labeled “Lie Detector — Hours of Party Fun!” and beneath that, a sub-caption “SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE!”
She hugged Roxanne. “Thank you!” she said as she put the gift aside.
But Lisa scooped it up. “Let’s try it out!” She was already opening the box. The contraption consisted of a simplistic-looking wrist strap, which was connected via a wire to a black box. Aside from an “on/off” switch, there were a green and red light, labeled “TRUTH!” and “LIE!”, respectively.
Reluctantly, Amanda allowed Roxanne to put the strap on her wrist. While she did this, Lisa busied herself reading a set of folded instructions that had been in the box.
“So, it says we’re supposed to test it by asking some simple questions first that we know the answers to.”
“Ok,” Roxanne nodded. “Is the Birthday Girl ready?”
“Um, I guess,” Amanda said hesitantly.
“Ok,” Lisa went first. “Easy questions first. Is your name Amanda?”
“Yes.” A green light lit up.
Roxanne spoke next. “Do you have blonde hair?”
“No.” Green light.
“On the contrary.” Lisa ran her fingers through Amanda’s curls, lingering for several seconds. “Lovely red hair.”
“Ok,” Roxanne finally admonished, “let’s not molest the Birthday Girl.”
Lisa stopped. “Yet,” she conceded playfully, perusing the game’s instructions once again. “Ok, moving on. Now, answer this one wrong, Amanda. Are you married?”
“No.” This time, the red light lit up.
“Ok,” Lisa noted. “Good. Now answer right. Are you married?”
“Yes.” Green light.
“Hmmm…” Roxanne pondered what to ask next. “Did you turn 28 today?”
“Yes. Again.” Red. “29,” she amended, only to be rewarded with the red light again.
Roxanne smiled. “Keep going…”
Amanda grinned abashedly. “Ok, fine. 30.” This time, the light went green.
“Your turn, Lisa.”
Lisa: “Let’s see.” Her voice dropped slyly. “Have you ever been with a woman?”
“That’s kind of personal!” Amanda frowned.
“Come on, it’s just a game,” Roxanne urged.
“Uh… no.” Red light. Both girls giggled at Amanda’s embarrassment. “I, uh…” she stammered. “Ok, there might have been a few times when I…”
Roxanne raised her palms. “No judgment!” she assured.
Definitely no judgment here!” Lisa’s voice was full of suggestion. She trailed a couple of fingers slowly and deliberately across Amanda’s shoulder. “You’re doing great, sweetie!” She nodded to Roxanne. “Your turn, miss!”
“Hmmmm. Did you… like the present Lisa got you?”
Amanda blushed at the thought of the intimate leopard chemise, and the tackiness of it. “I… I like that design,” she nodded, slightly evading the question.
Lisa pressed on. “But… do you like the fact that I got it for you.”
“It was, you know, unusual, to get that from someone, you know, who my husband works with. But I do, um, like that design,” Amanda finished with relief as the green indicator lit up.
“Things are getting warm,” commented Roxanne with a grin.
Amanda fumbled nervously with the wrist strap, trying to unsnap it. “Ok, let’s do something else now?”
Roxanne put her hand over Amanda’s. “Come on. It’s just getting fun. A few more questions…”
“Well…ok,” Amanda conceded dubiously.
“You’re doing good. Let’s see,” Roxanne appeared to think for a moment. Then, biting her lip, she asked, “Do you think Lisa is a dumb bimbo with fake tits?”
“What? No!” The red light blazed; Lisa scowled slightly. “No, I— Lisa, I don’t think that!” The LIE! light remained steady.
“Relax. It’s just a game,” Roxanne reiterated. Seeing that Amanda was quite uncomfortable, she added, “It’s just for fun, it doesn’t mean it’s accurate…”
“Actually,” Lisa told her, “these things can be right a surprising amount of the time. It said so in Cosmo, which I read all day at my desk!” She scowled at Amanda. “So that’s what you think of me?”
Amanda didn’t answer, fearing that the red light would give her away again.
Lisa touched her cheek. “Awwww. I’m sure you don’t think of me like that, honey. You must know I’m a hard worker—all those late nights I’m at the office with your husband!” She was smiling, but it was more of a predatory, feral grin now. “And that business trip where he took me with—”
Amanda’s face reddened again. “Listen, bitch—” she warned angrily.
“Ok, hey,” Roxanne interjected. “Ladies. Can’t we all just get along?”
Lisa scowled. “Ok, you’re right. Come on, let’s keep playing. This is fun,” her voice dripped with sarcasm. “It’s my turn, right? Hmmmm, let’s see. Next question.” A twisted smile danced across her lips.
Looking Amanda squarely in the eye, Lisa delivered the next volley. “Did you fuck Roxanne’s boyfriend today?”
Panic took hold; Amanda shifted uncomfortably as Roxanne’s gaze bore into her.
Lisa repeated her question. “Did you fuck Craig today?”
Amanda turned to Roxanne, but wouldn’t meet her eyes. Roxanne glared at her. “Is there something you’d like to tell me, Amanda?” she demanded…

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