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It’s Amanda’s party…

…her husband has invited several guests, including his best friend–unaware that Craig has been blackmailing Amanda for the past year. The curvy redhead, anticipating another afternoon of degrading debauchery, is surprised when Craig brings a date to the party. With relief, Amanda realizes that her tenure as a sex slave is over. Or is it?

Enter Lisa, Mark’s bouncy blonde secretary who has designs on him–and, on Amanda herself. Add in a lie detector game gone horribly awry, an intensive birthday bondage session and one raunchy, inappropriate gift after another–suffice to say, it will be a party that the humiliated housewife will never forget. And, before it’s over…

…she’ll cry if she wants to!!


When her husband goes out of town on business, bored housewife Amanda decides to “get her flirt on” with the cable guy, treating him to a morning of uninhibited, full-figured fun. But the repairman’s service call is immediately followed by a visit from her husband’s friend, Craig—who confronts Amanda about her indiscretion.

In exchange for Craig’s silence, Amanda reluctantly agrees to give him an encore performance. But it quickly becomes obvious that he has no intention of letting the curvy redhead off the hook so easily. He makes one demand, then another, and Amanda has no choice but to comply. Before she realizes it, the young housewife finds herself descending into a world of exhibitionism, humiliation, bondage and submission…




A continuation of the curvy redhead’s adventures. Shower sex… floor sex… hotel sex… office sex… and more shower sex!




Back to School

31-year old Kristi is back in the hallowed halls of her high school. She’s early to pick up her niece, so she takes a walk down memory lane.

Mr. Smith is the dean of discipline. He’s fed up with the disrespectful, sleazy attitude of today’s youth, especially the teenaged “harlots” who frequent his school. He spies Kristi wandering the halls during school hours… obviously another lazy, disrespectful student cutting class. He takes it upon himself to teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget…




A collection of short- to medium-length “edge erotica” stories by erotica author Dylan Cross.

In “Secretary’s Day,” an opportunistic boss “helps” his pretty but naive secretary with her debt collection problems…

In “Closure,” Kevin and his ex’s breakup wasn’t exactly on the nicest of terms, and Sami is dead-set on making things right… never mind that Kevin is now married!

These stories and several more will set your Kindle on fire. Be forewarned, these are not romantic stories–this is edge erotica, and includes darker themes that will be objectionable to some readers!



Take a dark and twisted journey into an art gallery which is not comprised of inanimate paintings and sculptures, but of living, breathing–and unwilling–exhibits.  WARNING:  this ebook contains very dark themes and may be objectionable to some readers.


Corporate VP Joanna is condescending and abusive. She belittles and insults the workers beneath her. In other words, she’s a bitch. Her behavior at the trade show has been no different. Joanna has abused and berated her poor intern all day. But, when the two of them get behind closed doors, it will be Steve’s turn to call the shots, as he literally brings the curvy executive to her knees…

This book also contains hardcore themes which some readers may find offensive.  Specifically, although it’s consensual sex, the parties engage in humiliation play, especially degradation and namecalling.


Amanda’s husband, Mark, is away on business. However, thanks to Mark’s best friend Craig, Amanda will be going on a trip of her own–whether she wants to or not! Join Amanda in (and on) her car, for a memorable trip consisting of exhibitionism, torment, humiliation *and* pleasure!


Unavailable on Amazon due to censorship.

A collection of erotic short stories. As the title suggests, many of these tales cross, or at least flirt with, the fine line between willing and unwilling, consensual and nonconsensual. A picnic in the park, complete with strawberries and handcuffs–a girlfriend “helping” with her man’s problem with loan sharks–a woman being offered the choice between being a princess or a sex toy.


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