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Controlling one’s destiny

Many of us are into sports. If not, you’ve doubtless had ESPN or a newscast on in the background, and heard discussion about your local team’s playoff chase. They either “control their own destiny” or, in other cases, they “don’t control their own destiny.”

In the former case, the team makes the playoffs unless they melt down and lose a bunch of games at a critical time.

The latter team, the one that doesn’t control it’s own destiny, relies upon the grace of others. Even if they “win out,” they need “help” in the form of other teams in the playoff race losing certain games. In the last week of the season, you’ll see diehard fans glued to the television or the radio, anxiously monitoring not only their own team, but one or more other teams. Sometimes, even cheering for a team they hate, thanks to a complex mathematical formula that will determine who qualifies and who goes home.

Don’t be the second team. Work hard from the beginning and create your own success, and when it comes to crunch time, you won’t have to sit around hoping for others to do the work for you, or rely on dumb luck to succeed.

Control your own destiny.

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