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Facebook problems

Not such a pleasant post.

Many authors have had problems with our Facebook profiles and pages being reported and locked/shut down. This has been happening more and more to indies and especially affecting the romance/erotica genres. My page as well was reported.

I learned who was doing all of this when the person actually posted a screenshot of himself doing it. Yes, it’s another male author, which in my opinion makes it even worse. As male authors in romance/erotica, we often get slighted or not taken seriously. This kind of stuff gives us a bad name.

The name of the author who is reporting content to Facebook is Derek Cromwell, writing as Derek Adam. Not certain why he is doing the reporting, although he seems to be one of those types who believes that other authors are his competition. This is not the way it should be. We should all be united.

Part of the problem is Facebook itself… the policies make it too easy for someone like Cromwell to abuse their mostly automated complaint process to harass others. This person is nothing more than a bully and people need to know about this.

And by the way, nothing on my Facebook page contained nudity.

Authors, you might want to check your friend lists on that particular social media network… especially if you’ve had issues with your accounts and pages being reported. This person is mutual friends with many of my author friends over there.

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  1. Jaime Jaime

    I have heard some not so flattering things about you. I heard stuff before Cromwell was even a published author. I have see screenshots of YOU being the bully. Are you mad someone finally called you on your bullshit?

    • dylancross7 dylancross7

      I have heard some not so flattering things about you. I heard stuff before Cromwell was even a published author.

      That’s nice. Do you believe everything you hear about a stranger without even bothering to investigate for yourself? Did you bother to reach out to see if there might be another side to the story? Or considered the possibility that what you “heard” might be embellished, or altogether made up, by someone with an axe to grind?

      I have see screenshots of YOU being the bully.

      You have? Were those provided with the entire context of the conversations in question? “Screenshots” are nothing more than a picture someone stores on their computer…. which means they can also be altered to remove context, twist words around or cut/paste from other posts to make things up entirely. Got proof that they weren’t?

      Are you mad someone finally called you on your bullshit?

      Nah. I’d call it more frustrated and incredulous that some people seem to have no common sense and will believe practically anything they’re told by strangers online.

  2. Sharon P Sharon P

    May be on mine. Going off when I get off work

  3. Minerva Minerva

    Are you sure it wasn’t you getting all of them taken down? I remember seeing you say that you were reporting other authors on Facebook and trying to make it look like you were the bully victim.

    • dylancross7 dylancross7

      Yes, pretty sure.

      You “remember seeing” me say that I was reporting other authors? Where and when did I “say” this? Care to back this up with some evidence?

      Unless you’re referring to Danielle Ann Michaud Elwood? Yes, I did report one of her Facebook posts in which she made derogatory remarks regarding my appearance and my weight (specifically directed at me by name). I think any reasonable person (which probably excludes many of the sheep) would agree that such comments represent cyberbullying, which Facebook disallows. They must have felt it was pretty severe, because the person was given a 30-day ban. The person in question also referred to herself as a “feminist” and a “loudmouth c*nt.”

  4. Minerva Minerva

    Ohohoho, so you moderate comments here because you aren’t willing to have an honest conversation about things. Classy.

    • dylancross7 dylancross7

      Um, no, I “moderate comments” so that readers won’t have to filter through 5000 posts about sunglasses. And, on top of that, I have a life… a fulltime job, plus my writing, plus managing a nonprofit organization. Sorry if I’m not around to moderate your questionable comments within the first five minutes after you post them.

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