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Kesha Rose vs. Sony debate…

I have not followed the Kesha Rose vs. Sony matter in meticulous detail. Basically, what I know is that Kesha alleges sexual assault by her producer, that she has a contract with the producer via Sony and that the producer has not been found guilty of the assault.

First, my instinct is that I believe Kesha Rose’s allegations.

However, I also recognize that there is a due process, and that someone’s legal rights can’t just be swept aside due to a yet-to-be-proved allegation, no matter how appalling the allegation is. I speak from experience as someone who has, at more than one point in the past, been falsely accused of something. On Facebook, I was even accused recently of being a “harasser of women”… because I didn’t vote for someone in some event contest. (Of my author page’s 5,662 followers, 74% are women… yeah RIGHT…)

But the problem is, we are talking about a legal contract which multiple parties agreed to. What if the judge were to void the contract based on an accusation? A precedent gets set. Then, what happens in the future, when another artist is suddenly unsatisfied with the terms of his/her contract with the record company, and knows they can make more money somewhere else? They merely have to make an allegation of something heinous, and they can get out of the contract?

In this case, Sony should probably just agree to terminate the contract. It would be in the best interests of all involved. But when we’re talking about a legal proceeding, and a judge, only the provable facts are what matters.

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