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Saturday spankings…

For the “Saturday Spankings” blog hop… an excerpt from “Back to School”…


Even through the material of Kristi’s skirt, it smarted. But, just as much, it took her completely by surprise.

OWWWWW!! Heyyyyyy! What do you think you’re doing… OWWWWW!!!” He connected with her ass a second time. She spun around to confront him, but he grabbed her by the arm and swung her around, pushing her toward the desk. Kristi put her hands out as he slammed her onto the wooden surface.

“You’re not supposed to touch me!” was the first thing that came to mind.

“And you,” he growled, “aren’t supposed to act like a disrespectful little harlot in my school.”

She was now bent over the desk, her sneakers barely touching the tile floor. Mr. Smith’s hand was pressed against the small of her back, holding her in place.

Her skirt had ridden up, revealing the black thong she’d worn today.

“Ah, yes, miss. I see what sort of activity you are ‘majoring’ in at this institution…” He plucked at the waist string with his thumb and forefinger, and then released it to snap back against her hip.

“Hey! DON’T fucking touch me—”

This is what I’m talking about,” he admonished, as if she hadn’t spoken at all. “Young harlots like you with a complete lack of self-respect. Which tells everyone around you that they needn’t respect you either.”

She was squirming, but her position on the desk was too awkward to do anything. “Listen, guy, you’re making a mistake— OWWWWW!!!!” His firm hand connected again—this time with her ass sans the protection of the skirt. She continued kicking and struggling, but he held her down easily.

Stop it!!! Let me up—” This time, he nailed the other asscheek. As he drew back to spank her again, Kristi managed to get her hands down there to block him.

“Move your hands, missy,” he demanded.

“Let me go, you sick twisted fucker.   Now!” Kristi demanded. “HELP!!! HELP ME! HEL—” His hand left her back and clamped over her mouth, as he leaned over her and used some of his weight to hold her in place. “MMMMF!!! MMFFFF!!!!

“Shhh,” Mr. Smith hushed her. “The library is right above us. There are students trying to learn. The ones who didn’t cut class,” he emphasized.

“Now, it looks like you want to make this harder than it is,” Mr. Smith remarked. “First, let’s deal with your dress code violation, shall we?” He grabbed at the lacy material of her thong. With one swift, strong motion, he pulled. With a loud rending sound, it tore off of her…

Back to School
Back to School

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