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Update on Amazon issues…

After nearly a full day and e-mails from two Guild members to Amazon execs, they finally unsuspended my account. However, my book “Victoria’s Other Secret,” which was the focus of Mr. Mccrea’s attack, is still in a “blocked” status. Following is the e-mail I sent to Amazon:


Thank you, but a few questions:

Why is my book “Victoria’s Other Secret” still in a blocked status? Again, there is no infringement with this book or its cover. I’ve asked repeatedly (and I reiterate my request): please send me some evidence that anything in this work infringes upon someone else’s work. To date, all anyone at Amazon has been able to send is the name and e-mail address of the person who made the complaint. I’m well aware that the complaint was made, and I’ve also submitted plenty of evidence that the complaint was made maliciously. I’ve even provided documentation showing that the complainant runs a book piracy website which HURTS AMAZON, as people can download the copyrighted books there for free.
Second, what about my potential lost royalties from my entire account being suspended for nearly a full day?  I have six other books for sale in the KDP store, none of which were even accused of any sort of infringement. Why were they taken down?
Third, how about some sort of apology for your error?
I’d also still like to speak to the supervisor of the representative known as “Lou R.” who was completely rude and insulting, who refused to help me, even suggesting that I owed the book pirate some sort of restitution.
Again, you need to seriously take a look at how you do business. As one of the directors of the Erotic Authors Guild, I’m often in the position to give advice and assistance to newer authors… some of whom could potentially be the next E.L. James, Jasinda Wilder or Shayne McClendon. Right now, I’d feel very uncomfortable recommending Amazon KDP to them, given the events of the past 72 hours. Some of these people write as their primary source of income. Amazon’s actions toward me have demonstrated that a bully or disgruntled reader can simply make a bogus complaint, and get someone’s account suspended at any time. This interferes with an author’s livelihood. You need to show more support for the people who make you successful, and less support for book pirates who actually steal from you.
Dylan Cross
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